Church Close to Home

People attend the GOSPEL FORUM from over 30 regions in the Greater Stuttgart area. We have consolidated these regions into 12 general areas that are cared for by a Pastor and regional leaders.

Take a look! Many events are held regularly in your region, where you’ll be able to find new friends. (The regional info pages are in German.)

Overview of Regions and Regional Pastors

The city of Stuttgart lies in the center of the larger geography we serve. This area is supervised by the four Pastors Matthias Frank, Gottfried Seiler, Steffen Seiler, and Helmut Strobel and is divided into the regions Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart-Center/East/South, Stuttgart-Center/South/Vaihingen, and Northern Stuttgart.

In the east, we have gouped the regions Fellbach (Pastor Marco Hernandez), Waiblingen (Vicar Philipp Pförtner), and Schorndorf/Upper Remstal (Pastor Peter Wenz) together.

The Stuttgart districts of Untertürkheim, Obertürkheim, and Wangen, and the outlying town of Göppingen belong to the region Esslingen/Neckar Suburbs, which is headed by Pastor Thomas Berner. Next door is Pastor Tim Reinhardt and his region Nürtingen-Kirchheim.

We also have parishioners and guests who come to our church from further south of Stuttgart: Pastor Christian Ziegler heads the region called Fildern, and Pastor Simon Ziegler is responsible for the region further south, in Reutlingen.

Pastor Stefan Krust looks after the extensive area of ​​Leonberg. This extends from the northern Black Forest via Böblingen to Pforzheim and also includes the cities of Leonberg, Ditzingen, and Rutesheim with their surrounding villages.

The towns of Korntal and Vaihingen (Enz) form the GOSPEL FORUM region Vaihingen/Enztal, led by Pastor Phil Ngoei.

The large area around Ludwigsburg is divided into six regions. Pastor Thomas Berner takes care of our members and guests in and around Ludwigsburg. This area also includes the cities Kornwestheim, Markgröningen, Sachsenheim, Besigheim, and Steinheim an der Murr.

Pastor Christopher Weese looks after the sprawling Heilbronn area, which includes the regions of Bottwartal, Heuchelberg, and Neckartal and extends up to the northern border of Baden Wuerttemberg.