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Innovative youth ministry work

  • The GOSPEL YOUTH love genuine fellowship! Our home groups for teens, youth, and young adults provide the right atmosphere. They meet at many different places in and around Stuttgart, to talk about everything under the sun, to be there for each other, and to look out for one another – because we really want to have a positive and changing affect on the outside world!

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    The GOSPEL YOUTH love adventure! This can be experience in a special way in the ROYAL RANGERS, the Christian Scouts organization. At twelve different locations in the Stuttgart area, which we call tribes, the door opens up to a new world. Children can start at the age of six. They advance to the level of GOSPEL YOUTH when they join the Scout level (12 years) and Pathfinder level (15 years).

    The GOSPEL YOUTH are full of energy and creativity! That’s why we also have Active Groups. These are small groups where the children are able to express themselves through their talents and abilities. These groups include, for example, “Worship” (with all our youth bands, technicians, and our youth choir), “CAM” (everything involving media and design), “Art” (artistic and creative projects) “GOSPEL FORUM inclusive” (programs and activities for teenagers, youth and adults with disabilities), “Drama” (theater), youth social work (includes the “Learning Center,” our intercultural youth ministry “United”) and others.

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    The GOSPEL YOUTH is on the move! This becomes very evident in our Christian sports club, the CSV Stuttgart. Young people can find what’s most suitable for them in one of the various departments, and meet cool people while practicing their favorite sport. Programs offered include badminton, basketball, football, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, scuba diving, ping-pong, triathlon, and volleyball.

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