Sports Club

Sports in the spirit of faith, hope, and love.

  • Sports in the spirit of faith, hope, and love. We want to combine sports and faith.

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    Introducing the Christian Sports Club Stuttgart (CSV)

    The founders of the CSV set themselves a goal in 1999 to break new ground in sports and club life. All leaders and staff have consistently followed this goal, from our small beginnings with soccer to this day, as a modern club with a wide range of departments.

    Young & old

    Badminton, basketball, soccer, running, swimming, dancing, diving, ping-pong, or volleyball: there’s something for every age group, and all are welcome!

    Achievement & Fun

    Our club combines community, a zest for life, fun and athletic achievement all in one package!

    Talent & Character

    Identifying and developing one’s talents and abilities are part of building a strong character!

    Competition & Friendship

    We are convinced that friendships provide the optimal foundation for fair play in competition regardless of origin, nationality, or religion.

    Reach for the best

    FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE set our course and are the timeless values we follow. These do not fluctuate with passing trends.

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  • Events

    • The Christian Sports Club (CSV Stuttgart) participates once a year at the CSV day in the GOSPEL FORUM to introduce the club.

    Training times per sport can be found on the Hompage des CSV-Stuttgart (in German).

    A wide variety of activities and events are available year round for kids, youth, and adults. Some examples are ski trips, diving trips, sports camp for children, and much more!


    Katharina Krämer

    For more information, look for us every Sunday in the GOSPEL FORUM at the CSV desk.