Serving during Services

Our services are attended by thousands every Sunday. This requires a lot of volunteers who are willing to invest their time and gifts to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“…the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.” (Eph 4:16)

  • Guest Services


    Before the church services and special events, you hang up visitors’ jackets and coats and give them back after the event.

    We’re looking for people who practice kindness in dealing with visitors to the GOSPEL FORUM, and who are reliable and punctual.

    Time commitment:

    30 minutes before the service and about 30 minutes after the service. Your rotation will be once every 2 weeks from October to April.

    Information Desk

    The information desk is the hub of the church. It’s fun, sometimes challenging, and always rewarding.

    We are looking for volunteers who can easily talk with people, are able to give information in a friendly manner, and are always aware that they represent the church. Most of the information is summarized in folders so that all volunteers have a reference where they can look things up and, of course, each new employee is well trained.

    You should be familiar with the church and able to remain open and polite in all situations.

    The information desk is manned from after the Early Service until after the Family Service, and again before and after the Afternoon Service. Volunteer staff who work at the information desk can attend the service.

    Time commitment:

    Mornings from 10:15 – 11:15 am and after the service for about 30 minutes.
    Afternoons from 3:35 – 4:15 pm and after the service for about 45 minutes.
    There is a Morning Team (rotation every 6 weeks) and an Afternoon Team (every 4 weeks).


    Medical Services

    During the Celebration Services on Sundays or at events you are accessible by phone and the first point of contact when it comes to health problems or accidents. As part of a dedicated team, you apply First Aid in all situations, from small to large wounds and pain. This interesting duty carries a large amount of responsibility and it allows you to literally serve your fellow man in a very practical way.

    Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, or aide: if circulatory dysregulation, hypoglycemia or high blood pressure are not foreign to you but part of your everyday language, you act responsibly and focused, then this is the right team for you.

    Time commitment:

    10 minutes before each service until about 20 minutes afterwards, once a month.


    We are actively throughout the service and are the primary contact for all visitors.

    Those who would like to work as ushers should be able to reach out to strangers in a positive manner. A friendly nature, willingness to help, and good manners are important prerequisites for this position. It is also important to be sensitive and willing to listen to the concerns of our visitors, and to have a pleasant appearance.

    Time commitment:

    45 minutes before the service until about 10 minutes afterwards. Rotation of the staff follows a set plan.

    Parking Services
    Baptism Services

    This team is present at every baptism to attend to those being baptized, to explain everything and to ensure that everything flows smoothly. During and after the baptism the floor must be wiped, and after the baptism, we put everything away together.

    We are looking for friendly and helpful people. A baptism is always something special and a lot of fun.

    Time commitment:

    Baptisms are held as a part of the Afternoon Service and take place about every two months. The hours are from 2:45 – 6:45 pm.


    Translation is provided parallel to the church services in up to 14 languages. Simultaneous interpretation means translating while the speaker on stage continues to speak. We are looking for native speakers or those with very good knowledge of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Croatian, Tamil, Chinese, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, or some other language of which you have good command.

    We are looking for volunteers who can easily reach out to others from a different culture, and are able to stay focused at a high level of concentration.

    In addition to translators, there are two other areas where we need help:
    1) Handing out headsets (no special qualifications necessary)
    2) Technical services (radio and audio equipment) – here we need people with some technical knowledge.

    Time commitment:

    All jobs begin about 10 minutes before the service, once every 2 – 4 weeks.

    Kids and Teenagers

    Children's Church

    The GOSPEL KiDS celebrate a worship service especially for children. Depending on the age of the child, we played, tinker around, sing. . . and heard from God. We want the children to feel welcome! With us and with God! Our volunteer staff members meet with the kids in different age groups (from babies to the 4th grade) where we have fun with Jesus and with each other. We’re a super team who is open for new volunteers!

    Anyone with a heart for children, would like to work as part of a team, and is at least 12 years old is welcome to come by and try it out before making a decision to work with us.

    Time commitment:

    Typically every two weeks, 1 hour before the service until the end, when the children have been picked up.


    Teenagers' Bible School
  • Technical and Worship

    Projectors and Lighting

    Song lyrics and sermons notes are projected on the large screens during the service in the GOSPEL FORUM auditorium. You’ll be responsible for setting up equipment beforehand and adjusting it as needed throughout the service.

    It’s good to have a feel for technical equipment, be able to focus and concentrate, and to have a good feel for the flow of the service. All other skills are easy to learn.

    Time commitment:

    One hour before the service until the end of the service, once every 3-4 weeks.

    CD Copy Service

    The sermon that was just held is sold at the Book Table after every service on Sundays. We print the CD labels before the service and burn them as soon as the sermon is over.

    The computer skills required for this task are easy to learn.

    Time commitment:

    15 minutes before up till 30 minutes after the service, every 2-4 weeks

    Stage Management

    It’s important to us as a Stage Management team to serve the people on the stage and in the auditorium. Our goal is for the service to run smoothly and that nothing distracts from meeting God.

    This means that we set up the area in front of and on the stage beforehand, and ensure that everything runs smoothly during the service. We want to make sure that communication between the band, the technical team, and the speakers, runs perfectly so that everyone can perform his/her function as well and easily as possible.

    Stage Managers need to be reliable, conscientious, and precise in their work, and have a good feel for the flow of the service. All other skills are easy to learn.

    Time commitment:

    One hour before the service until the end.
    Rotation follows a set plan.

    Live Stream

    We broadcast the GOSPEL FORUM live on the Internet. You will use either a remote-controlled camera, a camera mixer console, or the streaming PC to transfer the data.

    Basic understanding in video or IT technology is essential. In addition, our team also needs volunteers to take care of our live stream website.

    Time commitment:

    One hour before the service until the end, every 3-4 weeks.


    Sales and Services


    The Book Forum, our library at GOSPEL FORUM, is set up toward the end of the service. During opening hours, you advise our visitors, loan out books, and accept returns.

    It’s helpful if our volunteers are interested in books and have a friendly, open attitude when dealing with visitors.

    Time commitment:

    9:45 am – 11:15 am and/or 12:15 am – 1:45 pm, every 3-4 weeks.

    Book Shop

    Do you regularly attend church? And you can come earlier and stay later? Then we’re looking for you to join our team!

    If you enjoy reading, like talking with people, and/or are comfortable with basic computer skills, you’d be a perfect fit with our team. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

    The diverse responsibilities include setting up the merchandise, advising customers, checking them out at the register, and taking orders.

    Time commitment:

    All volunteers are organized in set teams.

    1. Team 10:00 – 11:00 am
    2. Team 12:30 am – 1:30 pm
    3. Team 15:15 pm – 16:00 pm and 17:30 pm – 18:00 pm

    Your service is schedueld once every 3 weeks.
    (You will only miss a few minutes at the beginning and end of the service.)

    Bakery and Beverages

    The responsibilities are divided into two groups, among which you can choose:
    1. Set-up: you butter the soft pretzels before the service, from 9 – 10am, every 2-3 weeks.
    2. Sales after the service: 15 minutes before the service ends, you set up the sales counter. Actual sales and clean-up take about one hour after the service, every 4 weeks.

    We’re looking for people with a friendly smile and who enjoy sales. It’s helpful to be able to do simple mental arithmetic.

    Time commitment:

    see above

    Contact and Prayer


    In the Foyer and in the auditorium, you take the first step toward all those attending the service. You give them a warm welcome, engage them with eye contact, and answer their questions.

    It should be easy for you to reach out to other people in a friendly manner. A pleasant handshake, a friendly disposition, willingness to help, and a polite attitude are prerequisites to work in this ministry. It is also important to be sensitive and receptive to the concerns of visitors, and to have a pleasant appearance.

    Time commitment:

    One hour before the service until the end of the service, every 2 weeks.

    Prayer Team

    Prayer teams pray during the service.

    It’s important for volunteers in this ministry to be led by love and devotion in prayer, to lead a steadfast life of faith, and to be an official member in the church.

    In addition, there is an open prayer meeting before the Family Service from 10:20 – 10:55 am, in the Seminar Room 5. No registration required.

    Time commitment:

    every 4-5 weeks

    Welcome Lounge

    Over a drink, you will meet new visitors to the GOSPEL FORUM and facilitate their introduction to our church. You’ll answer questions about the service and the church.

    Volunteers in this ministry need to be official members in the church and participate in a home group. In addition, we’re looking for people with a friendly disposition who have the ability to listen attentively, have a pleasant appearance, who are well familiar with how the church is set up, and lead a steadfast life of faith.

    Time commitment:

    About 1 hour after the service, whenever you’re at church and able to serve – at least once a month

    Welcome Service

    You care for people with prayer and conversation who followed the invitation during the service to begin a new life with Jesus. You also explain some first useful steps in the faith and offer the chance to make personal contact with the church, if so desired.

    It’s essential for this ministry that volunteers are members in the church, lead a steadfast life in faith, and are committed to regular participation in their home group. It’s helpful to have some practical experience in Christian counseling and the ability to approach people in an engaging and unobtrusive manner.

    Time commitment:

    30 minutes before the service and 30 minutes after the invitation is made to begin a new life with Christ, whenever you attend church and are able to serve.