Seniors’ Ministry

    Not a duty, a commitment

    One of the responsibilities of a young church is to care for our senior brothers and sisters, in their personal issues and many more areas: We assist them in dealing with the public authorities, help them look for an appropriate nursing home, provide spiritual support by integrating them into the home fellowship groups, and assist with grocery shopping or housework. Companionship and prayer are just as much a part of our ministry to seniors as making a phone call to simply chat, or especially when one is ill. Praying for one another and for different areas in the church are an integral part of our seniors’ “fitness program.”

    Keeping the spirit young as one grows older

    Communication with others keeps one agile. Our seniors meet once a month for “Seniors’ Day.” Here they enjoy each other’s company with coffee and cake, coupled with an exciting spiritual message. This refreshes the body and soul. Each month, a different pastor is personally responsible for the Seniors’ Ministry. Through personal conversation, they get to know each other better, understand the problems each are dealing with, and learn something new. After all, we’re all getting older every day!