Ministering Around the World

Changing the world together for the good

Sponsorship program for education and medical care
Home groups in Kosovo
Building up the church in Mecklenburg Vorpommern
Aid for the poorest of the poor
Teaching and home groups
Bridgebuilding for reconciliation
Cape Town, South Africa
Royal Rangers and tutoring program in Cape Town, South Africa
Collaboration with Gospel Fire International in East Africa
Papua New Guinea
Flying between remote villages in Papua New Guinea
Work among the Indians
Church planting, food & education for kids in the slums, disaster relief
Church planting, medical aid, schools
Church planting, education, sports
South Africa
A home for traumatized children
South Africa
Hope and a future for the amaZioni in South Africa
Southeast Asia
Language lessons, Alpha courses, Kids Club
Church planting and Bible schools
Church planting
Church planting, education, sports
  • Changing the world together – this is the aim of the GOSPEL FORUM’s international staff all over the world. Over the years, we have been able to help people in more than 60 countries.

    In partnership with local organizations, we set up projects that are then passed on to the local residents. In recent years, repair shops, kindergartens, schools, scout groups, hospitals, orphanages, Christian churches and Bible schools have been built. Those who are hungry are fed, and quick disaster relief is provided after natural disasters. Many people have heard the gospel for the first time and received a Bible.

    Our international staff often work under very difficult conditions. They appreciate any and all support: whether it’s your interest in what they do, prayer, or financial support for their projects.


  • Account for Donations

    For international projects

    On donations for our international staff, please include the specific project number you wish to support in the reference section.

    IBAN: DE54600501010002994444

Relief Organizations

  • Work for Life

    Disaster relief – immediate & local

    Project nummer for donations: 8089

  • JAM Germany (JAM Deutschland e.V.)

    Helping Africans help themselves

    Further information:
    Project nummer for donations: 8069