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Leben in Wahrheit, Leidenschaft und Bestimmung

  • POWERFUL (KRAFTVOLL) is a ministry in the Gospel Forum to strengthen men in their self-image and to promote solidarity and communication.

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    “POWERFUL” is about living a life of truth, passion and purpose.

    POWERFUL: The men’s ministry of the Gospel Forum is as varied as we men. We’re into adventure, enjoy competition, attend workshops, and strengthen our spirit. Masculinity is an important part of our identity; it is not only manifested in physical differences but it also determines the way we think, feel, and experience the world. Men also have a different approach to God. The male identity has come under pressure in today’s world and we want to join forces. We seek to strengthen our spirit, communicate with each other, and participate in active competition.

    As a result, the men’s ministry in the Gospel Forum is also diverse. In winter, we offer “POWERFUL Inside” for hundreds of men to meet. In early summer, we offer the men’s retreat “POWERFUL on the Go” with various adventurous events and great fellowship. In summer, we offer “POWERFUL Outdoors” with intense competitive events on the expansive grounds of a nursery in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt.

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Volunteering to Help

We need powerful helpers for all our events. Males and females are welcome. You’ll find additional details under the individual event links or by sending an email to