Book Forum is the name of our library in the GOSPEL FORUM

  • Find! Read! Share!

    You’ll find a large selection of books for your own reading, to loan to others, or to give away.

    • Bereich Bibliothek - Mutter und Kind

    • Bereich Bibliothek - Regal

    • Bereich Bibliothek - Junger Mann


    • Bibles, Bible commentaries, devotional books, encyclopedias
    • Works of God: Holy Spirit, God as Father, Jesus, healing, revelation
    • Starting out in the the faith, prayer, authority of the believer
    • Literature on church planting, leadership, discipleship, children’s and youth ministries
    • Marriage & family, parenting, single life, womanhood, manhood
    • Life issues: life planning, career, media
    • Christian novels and biographies, stories, humor
    • Books for children and youth
    • Society & current affairs
    • Israel and Judaism, Islam
    • Missions, church history, Christian persecution

    The Books

    • Are organized in more than 50 categories
    • Are checked out without a library card
    • Are returned on the honor system
    • Should not gather dust on the shelves, but should remain in circulation  – thus, they may be freely passed on to others.
  • Open at

    • Sunday12:00-1:00 pm

    Seminar-Room 3 in the GOSPEL FORUM.


    Anke Leitzinger

    Book Donations

    We are still accepting Christian books for donation as long as they are well-preserved.
    You many donate your books at the Info Desk or take them on Sundays directly to Seminar Room 3.


The Book Forum, our GOSPEL FORUM library, is set up towards the end of the service. During our opening hours, our volunteer staff answers visitors’ questions and assists with check out and the return of books.
To work with us, it’s helpful to be interested in books and have a friendly and positive attitude toward our visitors.
When you’re needed: 11:45 AM to 1:30 PM every 3-4 weeks