Children’s Church

Age-appropriate and tailored to the needs of children

  • Welcome to GOSPEL KIDS


    Church for kids at the GOSPEL FORUM!

    We celebrate church every Sunday with children of many different ages, from babies up to fourth graders. Our children’s services are age appropriate and tailored to the needs of children.

    It is important to us that the children get to know and experience Jesus personally, that they feel comfortable, and that friendships can be formed, so they can return to their daily lives a bit changed for the good.

  • Contact:

    Robby Machhadi, Director of GOSPEL KiDS


“Let the children come to me,” Jesus said. We want to encourage children do so by offering a children’s service tailored to their ages.

  • Toddlers

    Gospel Kids Babies und Kleinkinder

    The younger a child is, the more he or she experiences the love of God through the personal and loving care of other people. When taking on our youngest churchgoers we first meet with the parents as their caregivers to learn what particular needs and preferences their child has.

    Our staff feed and diaper the children, if needed, or call one of the parents out of the service, if they prefer it or if their child needs them. The rooms are equipped with children’s toys and provide sufficient space for them to retreat or rest when a child needs a break.

    A part of the kids’ service for toddlers is also spent on a short time of worship with children’s songs, as well as a program called “From the Beginning.” This program teaches children in a creative, age-appropriate manner about God’s love and His creation.

    A special security system ensures that a child can only be picked up after the service by his or her parents.

  • Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

    Gospel Kids Kindergartenkinder

    Each child is personally greeted and warmly welcomed, and first spends some time playing to get comfortable. The kids have a lot of fun playing games, painting, doing crafts, and reading picture books with one of our staff. Many look forward to the exciting time of storytelling and praise and worship with a lot of movement and dance.

    A very important part is the short but faith-filled prayer for the concerns of the children and, of course, the birthday blessing is always included on your child’s special day. The rooms for the Panda Bears, Brown Bears, Bunnies and Sheep groups are very child-friendly and cozy, and the gym is popular for soccer and active games.

    During snacktime, the children eat what they have brought and enjoy talking to each other.

  • Grade schoolers

    Gospel Kids Grundschulkinder

    At first, the children choose between various workshops like soccer, active games, dance, crafts, artwork, board games, or just chilling out.

    Afterwards, we join the Wildcats, the Monkey Gang, the Dolphins, or the Eagles and enjoy snacktime as a group, when the children eat what they have brought.

    The focus of the children’s service is on praise and worship, an exciting sermon, and a small group exercise. We also like to pray with the children for their concerns and bless them before they are picked up by their parents.

    Our greatest desire is that the children start the coming week well-equipped and strengthened by their experience of God’s presence.


Anyone who has a heart for children, likes working in a team, and is at least 12 years old is welcome to stop by to see what it’s like for a while before making a decision about staying on as a volunteer in the Children’s Ministry.
Time commitment: Usually every two weeks, beginning one hour before the church service and staying until the children are picked up by their parents.