• “Morning Dew” Early Prayer

    Tu Mar 03, 2020 6:00 am- 7:30 am “Morning Dew” Early Prayer Blue Chapel at GOSPEL FORUM

    Everyone is welcome to come for morning prayer. We call it “Morning Dew,” a time for intercession, prayers for healing, and filling up on Living Water. Come join us at GOSPEL FORUM Stuttgart.

    • When does it begin?

      Every Tuesday from 6:00 – 7:30 am at GOSPEL FORUM Stuttgart.

      Where do we pray?

      In the Blue Chapel.

    • Termin Frühgebet "Morgentau"

    What can I expect at Morning Prayer?

    We begin with praise and worship and a short word from the Bible, and then move into prayer. Whether intercession, prophetic prayer, or inspiration from the Holy Spirit: it’s a super refreshing way to start the day.

    Why do we call it “Morning Dew?”

    In many regions of the world, plants and animals could not survive without the water they get from the early morning dew.

    The same is true in our spiritual lives. With all the challenges in our daily lives we should drink of the fresh, spiritual morning dew (Holy Spirit) before the “heat” of the day begins. It provides us with strength and energy for the day.

    Welcome to “Morning Dew,” early morning prayer in the GOSPEL FORUM!

    Route planner: Junghansstr. 9, 70469 Stuttgart