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    Dear friends,

    As entrepreneurs and proactive individuals, we have a natural desire to possess new land. But in everyday life we often experience great obstacles, have to deal with continual change, stay constantly ready to adapt to changes on short notice, and at the same time deal with very personal struggles such as financial pressures or overextending ourselves.

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    We believe more than ever before that this is the right time to seek and experience God as a problem-solver every day in all our endeavors and to expect His supernatural intervention. God wants to partner with us in our business activities and let us experience heaven on earth. We are called upon to possess the land He has prepared for us, to strengthen our position, and to receive God’s blessings. Entrepreneurs and employees with management responsibility can influence society and define values ​​that can be a blessing for a city, a region or even an entire country.

    We invite you to join us at the Gospel Forum for the “Heaven in Business Conference” in Stuttgart. Heaven in Business is a worldwide movement among Christian businesspeople that fosters a new level of expectation regarding God’s partnership with us in the business world.

    We’re excited to see you there and to take time out to experience this conference with each other and share about those things that are important to all of us.

    York and Tamara Dlugokinski – Leaders of the Christian Business Forum (FCG) with team


    • Andy Mason (Redding, CA / USA) is the founder of Heaven in Business. He will encourage us to expect and experience God’s supernatural involvement in the workplace. He and his wife Janine live with their four children in Redding California.
    • Peter Wenz (Stuttgart, Gospel Forum) is Pastor of the largest charismatic church in Germany. He is an encourager and he motivates people with management responsibility to tackle their tasks with vision, practicality, and to maintain their character while doing so.
    • York Dlugokinski (Stuttgart, Gospel Forum) is Managing Director of the FELE Group, a design and engineering company and supplier to the automotive industry with 110 employees. He is an inventor with several patents that are currently being used in the automotive industry.

    Target Audience

    • Self-employed
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Managing Directors
    • Business founders
    • Individuals with management responsibility in business, politics, education, media, religion, and society

    What to expect

    • Encouragement to lay claim to the land / company / responsibility entrusted to us
    • Increase our awareness more than ever before that God reveals His ways to us
    • Faith to expect His supernatural intervention in our business – Heaven on Earth
    • Receiving God’s vision for work
    • Changing society through our actions

    “From a Mountainous Vision to Fertile Land: Doing it practically, right, and in a way that is suitable for everyday life!”

    Karl Kornwolf will lead an interactive workshop reflecting on the examples of the biblical heroes who “possessed the land,” and will include reports from his professional experience. Karl was, among other things, the strategic leader of Siemens AG’s “Digital Grid” who co-led their transformation from “Analog to Digital” and “Mobile to Internet.”

    “Precious Money: Practical Advice for Blessed Finances”

    Jens Minnemann will speak from his professional experience as head of a branch of a well-known bank on the subject of “Investments and Credit” and how they fit in the framework of God’s word.

    “A Fulfilled Marriage – Despite Business?!?”

    Astrid and Christoph Scharnweber have been married 23 years, have raised a foster child, run a counseling practice, and have accompanied married couples in their journeys for many years.

    “His Will – My Prayer – Our Success “

    Rupert Pförtner works in the management of an automobile corporation, and is currently responsible for international sales. A pillar of his life is victorious prayer and his personal relationship with God.

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    March 17, 2017
    5:00 pm Doors open
    5:30 pm Champaign reception
    7:00 pm Plenum I
    9:30 pm End of first day
    March 18, 2017
    9:00 am Doors open
    9:30 am Plenum II
    11:15 am Plenum III
    12:15 pm Lunch
    2:00 pm Workshops
    3:30 pm Plenum IV
    4:30 pm Plenum V
    5:30 pm Conference ends
    Cost to Attend
    Registration by Individual Couple
    Jan. 31, 2017 100 € 180 €
    Feb. 28, 2017 120 € 200 €
    Mar. 10, 2017 140 € 220 €

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    Route planner: Junghansstr. 9, 70469 Stuttgart