• “Filling Station” Bikers’ Group Ride

    11:00 am- 6:00 pm “Filling Station” Bikers’ Group Ride GOSPEL FORUM

    Our objective with “Filling Station” is for all like-minded motorcyclists to refuel together on Sundays!

    Every other week we’ll head out at 11:00 am for a group ride to areas surrounding Stuttgart. At selected stops there will be opportunity for some good biker fellowship.

    Your know-how and suggestions for scenic routes and interesting destinations are very welcome. Come join us!

    Filling Station for Bikers

    Did you know? There are designated parking spaces for your bikes in the P2 parking lot every Sunday morning. Come attend our early service at 9:00 am and get fired up with an inspiring message. Afterwards, we’ll meet in the Gospel Forum’s “Filling Station” over coffee and buttered pretzels.

    Contact: tankstelle@gospel-forum.de

    • Dates for our Group Rides

      • No events planned at this time.
    • Gruppe Motorradfahrer der

    Route planner: Junghansstr. 9, 70469 Stuttgart