• Children’s Clothing Bazar

    12:00 pm- 3:00 pm Children’s Clothing Bazar GOSPEL FORUM, Dieselstr. Entrance

    A children’s clothing bazar that’s really special. Why?

    You’ll find more than 20,000 items, from a toddler’s training bike to a children’s winter hat. Everything is neatly arranged and you can shop in a unique atmosphere. Come on by!

    • Large assortment of items
    • Excellent parking
    • Film for kids & supervision
    • Food & beverages available

    Ten percent of sales will be donated to a human aid project.

    General information about the Children’s Clothing Bazar in the GOSPEL FORUM

    • Twice a year you can purchase just about anything for kids.
    • Distribution of numbers (for sellers) takes place two weeks before the bazar, on Sunday morning in the foyer of the GOSPEL FORUM from 8 – 9 AM.
    • Exact instructions will be given when you come.
    • Please plan to wait.
    • We will hand out max. 150 numbers, one per family. There is no guarantee, that you will get a number.

    Further information (in German)

    Route planner: Dieselstr. 36, 70469 Stuttgart-Feuerbach