• Afternoon Service with Baptism

    4:00 pm- 6:00 pm Afternoon Service with Baptism GOSPEL FORUM

    Baptism in the GOSPEL FORUM

    Baptism in the GOSPEL FORUM is always a highlight in the church. There are usually more than a dozen people who get baptized because of their faith. The atmosphere is really unique in these services. The large baptismal, hundreds of guests, the amphitheater atmosphere, and the exuberant joy make every baptism a special event. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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    General Information about our Afternoon Service

    Who’s it for?

    This service is for all those who love afternoons and prefer to attend a later service on Sunday. Feel free to enjoy a delicious cappuccino, buttered soft pretzel, cake, or ice cream before the service at our Café Bar in the foyer.

    What’s offered?

    • Full GOSPEL-KIDS children’s program parallel to the service
    • GOSPEL Teens  – designed especially for pre-teens and teens from 5th to 8th grade
    • Inspiring time of worship
    • Exciting and relevant sermon
    • Personal prayer with our Ministry Team


    Our Afternoon Service is simultaneously translated in English. We also offer French and Spanish translation on request.

    Additional information is available at About us.

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