• 9 AM Service

    Su Jan 26, 2020 9:00 am- 10:15 am 9 AM Service GOSPEL FORUM

    General Information about our 9 AM Service

    Who’s it for?

    Our 9 AM service is particularly suitable for individuals and families who like to get up a little earlier on Sunday and want to take advantage of the rest of the day for outings or other activities. You may also want to enjoy a steaming cappucino or cup of tea at the Café Bar in the lobby after the service before heading into the rest of your Sunday activities.

    What’s offered?

    • Full GOSPEL-KIDS children’s program parallel to the service
    • Inspiring time of worship
    • Sermon: usually the same topic as in the family service
    • This service is also translated in English
    Parking spots should be cleared by 10:40 am for visitors of the next service.

    Additional information is available at About us.

    Route planner: Junghansstr. 9, 70469 Stuttgart