Pastors | Five-fold Ministry

Fundamental to the overall leadership of the Gospel Forum is the so-called Fivefold Ministry described in Ephesians 4: 11ff. In practical terms, God calls people with certain gifts as apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers into His church. Both structurally and practically in everyday ministry they use their gifts to form a strong spiritual team and to release people for practical service. Our entire church leadership and the Gospel Forum board are founded on these five God-given gifts. They are one of the great secrets for the growth and charisma of our church.

  • Portrait: Reggie und Irma Ocampo

    Reginald and Irma Ocampo

    Director Prophetic Ministry
    Pastor Gospel Forum Filipino

  • Portrait: Phil und Katja Ngoei

    Philip and Katja Ngoei

    Member of the Worship leadership team
    Pastor of region Vaihingen, Enztal


  • Portrait: Markus und Elsie Wenz

    Markus and Elsie Wenz

    Christian Vision
    Youth Pastor 


Assistant Pastors

  • Portrait: Uli Lück

    Ulrich Lück

  • Portrait Holger und Carmela Lasi

    Holger und Carmela Lasi