A part of Jesus Christ's worldwide church

At the GOSPEL FORUM Stuttgart, we live by the principle that we are a part of Jesus Christ’s worldwide church. We therefore feel connected to all Christians in churches, free churches, and other communities who take their Christianity seriously.

At the GOSPEL FORUM, we consider it a priority to have contact with other Christians and to work with various churches and organizations. This happens, for example, through our involvement in the D-Netz (D-Network), in the Kreis Charismatischer Leiter (KCLD, Circle of Charismatic Leaders), the GOSPEL FORUM Network, Stuttgart Pastors’ Breakfast, and by working with the Evangelical Alliance Stuttgart and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pfingstlich Charismatischer Missionen (APCM, Consortium of Pentecostal Charismatic Missions,).

Pastor Peter Wenz is also a member of the executive board of the German Evangelical Alliance (DEA).

In addition, there exist many friendly relationships with numerous mainstream and free churches in the central Neckar region.

  • D-Network (D-Netz)

    The D-Network is a spiritual home for leaders, churches, and organizations who have shared brotherhood and friendship for a long time, but also for those who are seeking the opportunity to network and to partner with innovative churches.
    This is not a new religion or denomination, nor does this group aspire to any “leadership rights;” but rather, we aim to live in real relationship with all kinds of mainstream churches, free churches and religious networks at home and abroad, as well as providing mutual edification, inspiration, and accountability to each other.

    We hold ourselves accountable in name, form, liability, and responsibility to these relationships in this apostolic network of charismatic churches.

    More information is available (in German) on the D-Network website.

  • Circle of Charismatic Leaders in Germany (KCLD)

    The Circle of Charismatic Leaders in Germany was founded in 1993 as a group of spiritual leaders from charismatic churches throughout Germany. It currently consists of thirty-six leaders who meet for a three-day conference once a year. Representatives of the Catholic and Lutheran churches as well as leaders from the Methodists, Baptists, free churches, and other organizations consult with each other on current issues in the charismatic movement in Germany.

    As of 2007, Pastor Peter Wenz has served as spokesman of this circle.


  • GOSPEL FORUM Network

    The GOSPEL FORUM network was created in the 1990s out of a desire to promote, inspire, and encourage well-established and young, highly innovative churches. It is the stated intention to not be exclusive or denominational in character.

    This ever-growing network was initially created through personal relationships and friendships that evolved continuously over the years. Now, many all across the country benefit from the meetings and contacts within the network.

    Currently, approximately eighty-five churches and organizations belong to the dynamic GOSPEL FORUM network. The leaders meet four times a year, mostly in smaller personal meetings and larger conferences.

    Interested? Please get in touch and let us know.

  • Consortium of Pentecostal Charismatic Missions (APCM)

    The The Consortium of Pentecostal Charismatic Missions is an umbrella organization for organizations and churches who send out missionaries. In 1998, the Gospel Forum in 1998 (then called Biblische Glaubensgemeinde, or “Bible Faith Church”) is one of the 14 founding members and has been represented on the board since.

    The APCM now has more than sixty members with over 500 commissioned and 1,300 local workers. In addition to the work as the umbrella organization, such as advocacy and counseling of members, they send up to sixty volunteers to about twenty different countries every year for the youth volunteer programs “weltwärts” and “IJFD”.

German Evangelical Alliance (DEA)

Peter Wenz has been a member of the executive board of the German Evangelical Alliance (DEA) since 2012.