About us

Church for everyone

  • The GOSPEL FORUM is a modern, intercultural Christian center in Stuttgart.

    Thousands of people attend the various events on the weekends or watch them via live stream on the Internet. With over 220,000 visitors a year it has become one of the major attractions in the region. The Sunday services are a major highlight that draws a large number of people.

    Relationships and friendship

    Hundreds of small groups – the home fellowship groups – provide the opportunity in a personal atmosphere to meet other people and find friends. People of all ages, cultures, languages, and religious backgrounds feel at home in the GOSPEL FORUM, experience inspiration for their daily lives, and receive spiritual encouragement while feeling accepted.

    How do I get to the GOSPEL FORUM?

    The GOSPEL FORUM is easily accessible by subway/U-Bahn, followed by a 2-4 minute walk from either one of the stops Maybachstrasse or Sieglestrassße, or by the city train/S-Bahn or a ten-minute walk from the Feuerbach station.

    If you come by car, about 600 free parking spots are available in close proximity to the GOSPEL FORUM on the parking lots P1, P2, and P3.

    Finding your way

    Just follow the many other visitors to the large modern building. We’re happy to look after your coat or jacket at the staffed coat rack (you’ll see directions pointing the way). There is an information desk in the foyer where all your questions can be answered, or you can find directions to the Welcome Lounge, the coat check, the children’s program, or the restrooms.

    It’s worth it to arrive on time or a little early. Before the start of our Celebration (what we call our unique church services) you can enjoy a coffee, a piece of cake, some Italian ice cream, browse the book table, or meet new people. If you bring your children along, our qualified staff will be happy to take care of them in the Children’s Wing during the worship service. Here, they participate in a parallel service with an age-appropriate kids’ program.

    What happens during the church service?

    Our early morning service lasts just over an hour. The family and afternoon services usually last around 90 minutes. Many people say the time flew by incredibly fast because it was so interesting and inspiring.

    For the first twenty minutes, one of the many GOSPEL FORUM bands plays, which often touches and moves many of the visitors. Lyrics are projected onto a large screen so everyone can follow along. After a friendly greeting and announcements a compelling message follows that focuses on current and relevant topics for the modern person of today. We receive feedback from many people that the message provided crucial guidance for their lives. An opportunity is given at the end of the service for anyone who so desires to be personally prayed for and blessed. Many are profoundly touched during this time. After the service a free drink and good conversation is available in the Welcome Lounge. Many enjoy ending their Celebration visit in this cozy atmosphere. We want you to feel welcome!

    If you brought children who participated in the GOSPEL Kids service in the Children’s Wing, you should pick them up right after the service. You will probably also hear from the kids how thrilled they were about their special program . . .

    What is the music like?

    The musical style in our Celebrations is modern, contemporary, and suitable for people’s tastes today. We also love organ music and appreciate the classics, but you won’t hear this often in our worship services. Also, it’s perfectly fine in the GOSPEL FORUM for people clap or raise their hands while the band is playing. This is how a lot of us worship! It’s an expression of the joy and freedom many people have discovered through their faith.

    Is there a dress code in the GOSPEL FORUM?

    No. Everyone can come dressed as they deem appropriate. Since we are a modern church, you will find that most people wear something fashionable and contemporary.

    Who typically comes to the GOSPEL FORUM ?

    People from all walks of life come to the GOSPEL FORUM. Children and young people are just as welcome as the elderly and middle-aged. We are also an international church. People from over 80 different nations of the world attend our services. For this reason, simultaneous translation is offered in up to 12 languages. Social status does not matter to us. Everyone is welcome in the GOSPEL FORUM.

    Will it cost me any money when I come?

    No. We are a non-profit organization and our finances are provided exclusively by voluntary donations from our friends. There are also no membership dues. All of our worship services are free of charge. For those who want to make an offering, there is an opportunity to do so during the service.

    Do I have to become a member of the GOSPEL FORUM?

    No. People from all kinds of different religious backgrounds and even the unchurched come to our events. No one needs to become a member to attend our worship services!

    What programs are available for children and babies?

    During the service, age-appropriate activities are offered for children from infant to fourteen (0-14) years of age. This allows parents to enjoy Celebrations without any distractions. Many parents find this to be a real blessing and enjoy being able to concentrate on the service with the comfort of knowing that their children are being cared for in the various age groups by trained staff. The kids’ program is values-based and inspirational. Many children look forward to their special time on Sunday in their groups.

    History and Vision

    Back in January 2001, when the first event took place at the newly built GOSPEL FORUM in Feuerbach, no one would have thought that in just a few years this spiritual center would have such a strong impact beyond the borders of Stuttgart. Over several decades, the GOSPEL FORUM has developed considerably and continues to build upon its ever-evolving programs and ministries. Today, in addition to the main campus in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, there are multiple programs, projects, and ministries found in the regions surrounding Stuttgart, throughout the rest of Germany, and in many other countries around the world, which have their beginnings in this growing Christian church.

    A major goal of the GOSPEL FORUM is to rediscover the roots and mystery of the life of the first Christians, and to integrate these in the 21st century into our everyday life in order to influence society in a positive way. Every person should have a chance, at least once in his lifetime, to hear and understand the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Our passion is that more and more people open themselves to the love of God! All activities of the GOSPEL FORUM are tied to this great goal.

    What do you believe in the GOSPEL FORUM?

    The statement of faith of the GOSPEL FORUM is based solely on the teachings of Holy Scripture, the Bible. In addition, we identify with the apostolic profession of faith of the traditional Church, which is also recognized by the majority of Christian denominations.

    What are the goals of the GOSPEL FORUM?

    We follow four major goals at the GOSPEL FORUM.

    1. Exalt God
    2. Spiritual maturity
    3. Fellowship
    4. Relevance in society
  • Local

    Whether you have just moved to Stuttgart or have lived here for long time – or even if you’re just here for a visit – there’s something for everyone in the GOSPEL FORUM.

    We’d like to introduce ourselves:

    Services are translated in up to 18 languages. There are many different international groups who also meet regularly.


    From Pforzheim to Schorndorf and Heilbronn to Reutlingen, Christians from the GOSPEL FORUM meet in home fellowship groups and for regional church services.


    At the GOSPEL FORUM Stuttgart, we live by the principle that we are a part of Jesus Christ’s worldwide church. We therefore feel connected to all Christians in churches, free churches, and other communities who take their Christianity seriously.


    Through projects and assistance programs in more than 60 countries, our international staff brings aid to the various continents of the world.