Many things can bring you joy. There are endless possibilities: hobbies, cars, partners, children, nice weather, a great apartment, friends, and much more . . .

There is, however, one unsurpassable joy, and nothing else compares in quality and intensity: the joy of the Lord! We read in Nehemiah 8:10c, “Do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength (or sanctuary).” This tiny passage shows us three things:

  1. Having our joy in Jesus helps to relieve grief and worry!
  2. Joy in Jesus means to be strengthened!
  3. Joy in Jesus means always having a sanctuary!

Wow, so many promises in one-third of an Old Testament verse! God holds His promises. You can be assured that His joy will do its work in you. Joy is always accompanied by emotions. There is no real love and enthusiasm for Jesus without the experience of profound and positive emotions. Following Jesus means experiencing Him as a person and as a source of happiness. If Jesus is still the unapproachable, foreign, and harsh God for you, you have not really come to know Him yet.

He wants to be your joy in all circumstances. Practically speaking, this means that He has prepared for you deeply inspiring and joyful encounters with Himself. It is now our task to discover this joy in Him and to desire it over and over again. It is incredibly exhilarating and encouraging.

You have been created for joy! Experiencing the joy of God—your Creator, best friend, and Lord—is an essential part of Jesus’s plan for your life. That’s why you need the Holy Spirit. He is the oil of joy. He places the joy of Jesus in our hearts and He quickens us unto the joy of the Lord. I wholeheartedly wish for you to know and to believe in the joy of Jesus in your life, in a way you have never known Him before.

You’ll see: It makes a huge difference!

Be incredibly blessed,
Peter Wenz