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“Do not treat prophecies with contempt” (1 Thess 5:20), says the apostle Paul with great emphasis at the end of his letter to the Thessalonians. In other words, “Keep an open mind, so that you will not miss when God speaks with prophetic insights to you personally or through others.”

Obviously, Paul considered it commonplace and normal that the Lord would speak in this way. However, there is also the danger of not appreciating it when it happens. This is what he was warning his friends in Thessalonica about.

The same thing can happen to us today! The Thessalonians had not been in the faith for very long and were therefore more like beginners in prophetic ministry. Today, it’s possible that people who have been following the Lord for a long time have lost their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, or may have never even learned to experience it.

The Bible teaches us to examine everything, and to hold on to what is good. This is a wonderful godly approach! However, it becomes problematic if the prophetic word is rejected per se, or discarded entirely because it is considered to be an instrument of power to manipulate others. Anyone who thinks he has to examine it in this way has left the fertile soil of the New Testament and closed himself off to much of what the Lord might be saying, or to His leading.

Prophetic speech is wonderful! In the book of Revelation, the spirit of prophecy is even called THE testimony of Jesus. Wow! In other words, where the Holy Spirit communicates prophetic messages to different people according to His nature and mission, Jesus is glorified and made known! He becomes the focal point! Nothing less and nothing more!

Prophecy helps us to see things from God’s perspective, to experience His leading in everyday life, to understand certain events in the proper light, to analyze situations through the Holy Spirit, to understand where God is placing particular emphasis on something, to focus on specific aspects of our ministries, to change priorities, to be given and accept correction, and to receive confirmation, encouragement, and comfort , in addition to so much more.

Recently I experienced the following: Within a few weeks, five different people approached me urgently to tell me about a prophetic impulse they had received from God for me. I was amazed how all the messages had the same content, but the people, their languages, the way they communicated the content to me, and the images, words, and dreams they had received were all very different. To me this was supernatural, external, divine confirmation on an important decision. I’m so thankful for it! We all need these signs from God in our lives, again and again, and even more of them!

You are created by God to hear His voice! In addition to listening to the Word of God, the Holy Scripture, the Lord also wants the Holy Spirit to speak to you through prophetic impressions, either directly to you or through others so that you can experience His guidance and help. This is totally normal for God. It is important that we reach out for this much, much more, and grow in the prophetic realm. I am happy about everything that has already happened, but God has much more – and even bigger things – in store for you and me!

I encourage you to reach out in prayer and to ask the Spirit of revelation and knowledge to enlighten your heart. He has already prepared many supernatural things for you.

Be abundantly blessed.

United in Christ’s love,

Peter Wenz